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Vista II is the latest version of acdc's highly successful IP67 linear market light, which has already been installed on numerous projects around the world. Vista II is designed as an in ground, walk over luminaire but, can also be surface mounted on walls or facades to create linear areas of visual interest and offering a completely even illumination across its surface. Measuring only 40mm x 30mm, the latest design also offers totally even end to end illumination along with a 15% increase in overall light output.

Vista II is available in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, 4 x whites and full RGB colour change with an incredibly smooth dimming curve during dynamic colour change. The product can be specified in 250mm multiple lengths (500mm RGB) through to a maximum of 1250mm, but obviously multiple fittings can be 'butt' jointed to create longer continuous lines of light.

Technical diagram

Photometric data for Vista II is not required as this is a decorative marker luminaire.

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