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Pro Evolution is a recessed miniature architectural downlight from acdc, delivering 35 Watt halogen equivalent in warm white colour temperature, utilising only 10 Watts of power. The luminaire is designed as a minimalist ceiling recessed fixture, with fixed, adjustable versions (including magnetic front rings) along with a trimless recessed version. Pro-Evo will generate an equivalent light output to a 35 Watt halogen utilising only 10 Watts of LED power.

Pro Evolution also features highly efficient LED optics specially designed by acdc, with narrow, medium, wide and extra wide beam angle options, harnessing over 85% of the light output to deliver a truly outstanding lighting performance. All of these optics can be interchanged on site with relative ease, along with the LED boards (and not the whole luminaire) should LED change be necessary.

Pro Evolution utilises specially designed heat-sinking technology to maintain a cool junction temperature of the LEDs and ensure their long 50,000 hour life, to 70% lumen maintenance. Pro Evolution works with either the Demon, Devil or Xicato engines and is incredibly energy efficient.

Emergency options are available, with the emergency driver simply plugging in to a standard luminaire. To order the emergency conversion kit for Pro Evolution specify 1934.

acdc data taken from independant lab results. For information on airspace requirements for each luminaire, please see the installation specifications available on acdclighting.co.uk

Pro Evolution Fixed Focus. Pro Evolution Adjustable Focus. Pro Evolution Fixed Pinhole.

Emergency options are also available, with the emergency driver simply plugging into a standard luminaire. To order this emergency conversation kit for Pro Evolution, specify acdc1937. Xicato is available as an option in IP65.

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