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Inspired by the hugely successful Fino, Ultra is an even smaller luminaire designed for illuminating particularly tight spaces. Measuring only 7mm or 16mm in cross section, Ultra is incredibly compact and allows the light source to be hidden out of sight, giving an even and powerful glow. Ultra is only available as single colour, but with excellent colour rendering, there are many potential retail applications that are suited to this products' minimalist design. The ultra wide beam from the LED enables powerful light outputs, across a very wide lit area.

Design Tip

Ultra can be used in display applications and in small recesses and coffers. The short lengths enable it to be curved to follow shapes and bends. For higher outputs, colour change options or IP68 options, see Fino.

Technical diagram

acdc data taken from independant lab results. For information on airspace requirements for each luminaire, please see the installation specifications available on acdclighting.co.uk


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Photometric data

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