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Accento is an IP67 rated LED spotlight, offering almost equivalent output to 35 Watt halogen for lighting building façades and fascias. Designed to complement the established Artemis and Spek family of products but delivering significantly higher output. Accento is available in a wide range of LED colour options, the standard range of optics and features deep-recessed LEDs for minimal glare.

Accento has been developed not only to meet the ever increasing requests for mains on board LED luminaires, but to also deliver exceptional lighting performance, similar to a 35 Watt halogen. Replacing halogen with LED has always been difficult with remote drivers, or poor colour temperature or rendering, but Accento now represents a genuine equivalent in all these aspects of performance and boasting an onboard driver.

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acdc data taken from independant lab results. For information on airspace requirements for each luminaire, please see the installation specifications available on

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