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by ATEA - Importateur exclusif France
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Contact : Pierre Scholtès - Directeur Général




A genuine 35 Watt halogen equivalent (in warm white) mini architectural LED downlight, utilising only 10 Watts of power. Designed in a similar form to the stunning Storm product, Hurricane 35 has been introduced to further complement the acdc award-winning range of Hurricane downlights.

Featuring soft curves and a deep recess for low glare, this fitting has been designed around the LED source itself and has a clever fixing clamp mechanism to make installation very straightforward. In addition, Hurricane 35 also features a magnetic, quick release system that allows the product to be fitted, and then the ceiling finished before fitting the final front-ring to the luminaire.

Integral to the design, an innovative 'virtual pivot point' reduces luminaire losses resulting in more light passing through the luminaire's forward aperture, even when fully adjusted.

With its 'pseudo trimless' minimal design and available in black or white, Hurricane 35 utilises the latest Cree LED technology for outstanding colour temperature, unrivalled consistency and colour rendering that is truly second to none. The product can be specified with either the acdc Demon, Devil or Xicato LED modules.

acdc data taken from independant lab results. For information on airspace requirements for each luminaire, please see the installation specifications available on acdclighting.co.uk

Hurricane 35 Devil Fixed. Hurricane 35 Xicato Fixed.
Hurricane 35 Devil Adjustable. Hurricane 35 Xicato Adjustable.

Emergency options are also available, with the emergency driver simply plugging into a standard luminaire. To order this emergency conversation kit for Pro Evolution, specify acdc1937. Xicato is available as an option in IP65.

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