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by ATEA - Importateur exclusif France
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Azeta is a new family of technical, dimmable and recessed geared LED downlights offering lumen outputs equivalent to 20 and 35 Watt metal halide. The simple, clean design and deep recessed LED position, with the choice of interchangeable optics and accessories make this a visually stunning and flexible luminaire. Azeta is available in two different sizes, small and large, and also in square and round, all of which are available in fixed, adjustable and wallwash formats, with the latter giving an incredibly even lit effect across the vertical surface.

This product is the first of its kind in the world, in terms of outstanding quality of design, technical performance, and incredible LED lumen package, making this a truly ground breaking development. Of course the thermal management of this high performing luminaire is key to it delivering its outstanding light output and lifetime. Azeta utilises acdc's unique liquid cooling mechanism to divert the heat away from the junction point within the LED ensuring the product delivers at its 50,000 hour lifetime, at 70% lumen maintenance.

Azeta can rotate through 359 via a robust gearing mechanism, and can be tilted and locked up to 35. The fitting can also be hot focused from the front, enabling the designer to make the necessary adjustments on site whist the product is illuminated.

Azeta's broad range of ultra-efficient options are available with a choice of 18, 24, 36 and 45, all of which can be interchanged whilst the fitting is in the ceiling via a clever magnetic locking mechanism, which also acts as an accessory holder for up to two accessories.

Emergency options are available, with the emergency driver simply plugging in to a standard luminaire. To order the emergency conversion kit for Azeta specify 1934.

acdc data taken from independant lab results. For information on airspace requirements for each luminaire, please see the installation specifications available on acdclighting.co.uk

Frame 70 Fixed. Frame 70 Adjustable.
Frame 90 Fixed. Frame 90 Adjustable.

Emergency options are also available, with the emergency driver simply plugging into a standard luminaire. To order this emergency conversation kit for Pro Evolution, specify acdc1937. Xicato is available as an option in IP65.

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